this is the same waterfall but taken from above. it was a pretty far drop, by my 80mmm (equiv) lens makes it look tiny. i’m not very happy with the composition, editing, or the colours of this photo. but i think the effect the gathering water at the bottom of the waterfall is too neat not to post. 30 second exposure with a tripod at f16, 2 neutral density filters (hoya nd8 and nd4), iso 100.

4 thoughts on “captivating”

  1. Woah, that's crazy! You're right; the water effect is way too cool not to share. It's kinda making me dizzy, actually haha.

  2. the title pretty much says it all!
    the sharpness and the colours fit really nicely together — I like the change of texture between the rigid rocks versus the soothing qualities of the water

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