color infrared: pond

color infrared: pond

kara has been bothering me to put up something a little more original. so i went out yesterday and took some infrared photos and colour photos, and stiched them together in photoshop. taken with my sony f828, hoya infrared filters and a couple ND filters on a tripod, 1/30th exposures, iso 64. i apologize for the long loading times, i just though some would be curious to see the combined image as well as the two untouched images.

3 thoughts on “color infrared: pond”

  1. bothering you?! apppffftt have nooott!! these are kick ass, man! I especially like the first one.. great tonal value! my fav part of it (the top one) is the windmill thing.. it almost seems like you could crop the photo somewhere around there and it'd look like a totally different picture. I don't know why I like it in the top one so much, I think I just really like the colours of the sky and stuff with it!

    kudos =)

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