don’t shoot me

don't shoot me

i feel like i robbed the bank after shooting people without them knowing. i don’t know how photographers get comfortable when photographing strangers in city settings.

3 thoughts on “don’t shoot me”

  1. you just have to do it without shame, and continue on as if they just happened to be one of the objects in your shots. if you make eye contact or acknowledge them, they will immediately feel invaded.

    or you can just shoot without looking through the viewfinder and hope for the best.

  2. You could always ask them before, but then your shot becomes staged. Did you shoot this through a window? It looks like there is some sort of glare over the photograph. She looks mysterious. I like it

  3. That sounds like good advice Payam. I've been reading lots on the subject. Some people encourage eye contact, and a friendly hello and handshake if they see you. That way you don't come off as some creeper that is doing something weird with the photo – but a lot more professional. And to have a business card, or say you're working on building a portfolio…and I guess that grants the opportunity to take street portraits with them wanting to participate.

    The best advice I've ever heard, was to shoot them. And if they see you, start motioning your hands as if they got in the way of the shot, so they'll step out of the way. Love that one – hope I can try it one day.

    Chris, it's through a glass window…at night…which makes it particularly creeper-ish. But it is a public place where privacy doesn't exist.

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