original attempt

original attempt

this post is in regards to yesterdays, so check that one out too if you want. this was my original cover for editorial design. unfortunately the client (my teacher) didn’t like that it was too erotic and edgy. i disagreed with her but i value and respect her opinion as my professor (and also being nice enough to squeeze me into her full class). just thought i’d post this as it tied in with yesterdays. the type on the poster is not as developed as the final (yesterdays) but that is because this idea was canned before it got to final stages.

*NOTE the original image of Meghan fox (the girl from transformers) is from an issue of FHM (for-him magazine) which i scanned to use for strictly educational and non-profit purposes. so no worries there.

7 thoughts on “original attempt”

  1. Thanks Chris, if only you were in my class! We had a huge (but fun) debate on which cover was better. All the women of the class opted for the new one while me and Duk preferred the old one, though I am definitely happy with the one I submitted, it was a new challenge.

  2. what caught me the most were your catchy little blurbs about the mag.. you're not just a great designer, but you're also really good at connecting with your audience. you always manage to have an evident audience for your work, and that's what makes it so personable.

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