practice makes perfect, but perfection doesn’t exist.

practice makes perfect, but perfection doesn't exist.

i’m attempting to get better at photographing strangers. this is a shot of 3 guys from york university just hanging out. i really liked the framing of the wall on the third, to frame the shot. i didn’t feel that awkward, but I did not have a zoom lens so I was pretty close to him (50mm lens), which made the situation a little harder. thoughts?

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  1. whether someone knows a lot about photography or not, it's very evident when a shot it take with a wide, normal, or long lens; it shows in the kind of distortion. just from looking at this it's obvious that you were still standing relatively far away, and it's more of a voyeur shot. try shoot with a really wide lens and go close up, that's when it gets tricky, and you'll break out of your comfort zone.

  2. The thought of using a wide-angle and walking up to a foot or two away from him is just too much right now haha. I was close enough for him to notice me and watch me, and that's close enough. I'll get there someday.

  3. here's a trick.
    get a cable release for your camera (you plug it into the left side of your camera) and run it into your left sleeve, all the way around, and out of your right sleeve; hold it in your right hand. put the camera on full auto (exposure and focus) and just shoot pretending like they're not even there. after a while you'll get a feel for how wide your lens is, and you'll be able to visualize the frame boundaries without even having to look through the viewfinder.

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