the definition of touring

the definition of touring

van broke down in arkansas during a severe thunderstorm. a tornado passed through that area the day before so we drove the van that was overheating to the max a couple miles down the road until we weren’t under the low clouds that were dark and slightly swirling. this is the van that we took to 4 mechanics…too many breakdowns.

3 thoughts on “the definition of touring”

  1. The sky in your past two pictures looks beautiful; it's so mesmerizing.

    Hopefully you guys plan on replacing that van, haha.

    And responding to your response for yesterday's picture: at least you had quite an adventure. Good stories are always awesome, even when the actual experience was a bitch to get through. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. thanks christa. yeah thats the next step now. it's a bit of a setback to spend so much money on a vehicle thats useless now but we're working on saving up for a new van and trailer.

    When you're in a bad situation, all you focus on is getting out of it the best way you can. Now that i'm safe I can start to appreciate the humour in life, haha!

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