maybe i just love banal photographs…or maybe i just love the concentration on composition, color, depth, and texture when there is nothing else interesting to dazzle our eyes with.

5 thoughts on “banal”

  1. I think there's also the psychological aspect of it, where you're wondering, “Is there more to this than meets the eye?” It makes you pay closer attention to it, to try and figure it out.

  2. yeah that could be true as well. many times there are hidden meanings in art, but i am not an artist in that way. i cannot explain this image, other than the fact that i simply “like” it, and it has no real profound meaning at all other than to document that i was there in a particular spot at a specific time in my life…

  3. In my opinion, the reason why I enjoy banal shots, or just close-ups of a random object is to really capture the texture and to really become the object. You have some other great examples on here that really show the true texture of an object, as well as the sharp focus of your camera.

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