Foxhound Studio

Foxhound Studio

Well it’s been a long three months since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been hard at work establishing my own studio alongside my business partner W. Shane Duquette. The two of us started a design studio that can handle any type of job (large or small) and while we specialize in web design and motion design, we have a strong passion for illustration and photography as well. If you ever need any work done, please give us a shout on and say you came from my personal blog.

Speaking of blogs, we’ve posted a few ongoing fitness experiments we’ve been doing on our Foxhound blog. Don’t forget to check back and look out for some upcoming photography tips. Thanks to all those who continued to support my personal website. It isn’t dead – but my attention has shifted to my business.

Thanks again for reading this, as it’s visitors like yourself that inspire me to create these outlets.
God bless,

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