heres a shot from the inside of the abandoned house, looking out of a broken window into a field. this was one of the first areas that drew my interest. the lighting was spectacular but unfortunately our cameras can’t see as much as our eyes. i had to use a tripod and do some bracketing to get good exposures for the inside and out and combine them.

3 thoughts on “juxtapose”

  1. I've always found that to be a huge issue. trying to capture what I can see or something as close as possible to it. I wasn't sure at first if i liked how it wasn't framed at the top as well. but now I think that's pretty interesting. The frame just makes everything feel so solid but the subject matter inside is just the opposite. great stuff

  2. Yeah, it is a big issue. New cameras have amazing dynamic range comparatively, but they're not even close to our eyes.

    I am not totally convinced on the framing as well, I think I would have preferred a wider shot closer to what I had seen but I only have one focal length to shoot at and I had backed off as far as I could go.

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