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Live The Moment – Video One from Jared P on Vimeo.

Live The Moment – Video Two from Jared P on Vimeo.

Live The Moment - Respect The Tech

Live The Moment is a project for I researched and developed for school. The task was to research the idea of ‘time’ for one semester. This research of time lead me to the fact that people often live their lives through technology – they are truly not living the moment. Who is really doing the living? Is it the camera they are photographing their cherished moments with, the video camera taping the concert they’re at, or the cellphone communicating with their loved ones?

I then began to research the effects of technology and what it is doing to us. I was exposed to the term of Digital Natives. Digital Natives are the first generation to ever be raised entirely in a digital world. According to an article on, constant access to technology is rewiring this generation’s brains negatively. It claimed technology is replacing the development of social skills, literacy and the will to read, etc. with the development of tech. related skills such as the ability to sort through lots of information quickly. Knowledge is no longer about how much information one can retain mentally, but rather how efficient they are at finding that information through Google.

This led me to analyze my peers and current social situations (as I am included in the oldest age bracket in the digital natives generation) and how I could help relay some awareness to my generation of how truly bionic we have become…and how unnatural it is. This generation requires constant entertainment to pay attention (as our attention spans are shortening), so my solution would have to be extremely engaging to ensure they would remain interested. How could I poke fun at some of the countless situations where technology has negatively entered our social sphere?

Credits For Video One
Music: Alexisonfire – Heading for the Sun
Actors: Kate Shaw, W Shane Duquette
Extra Help: Evan VanRooy, Michelle Paquette

Credits For Video Two
Music: Boyz Noise – Jeffer
Actors: W Shane Duquette, Payam Rajabi, Michelle Paquette, Chantalle Lovery, Mark Francais. Samantha Madonik
Extra Help: Evan VanRooy with lighting

Credits For Poster
Actors: Willem Shepherd, Michelle Paquette, Shane Duquette

16 thoughts on “Live The Moment – Motion Design”

  1. Hey thanks for checking it out Brad. I only did the World Congress website for one year at Mac, it's changed a few times by other designers as different people take care of getting that job done every year.

    Amber, thanks so much!

  2. I thought they were really well done; you did a great job poking fun at the pervasiveness of all this technology. I can't even begin to count the amount of times I've seen all of those situations in play (except someone getting pwned by a car), it's a little ridiculous. There's also the night out to dinner with your friends, and everybody's got their phones out (texting each other, maybe?).

  3. Thanks Christa. The reason I decided to do the car scene was for a few reasons. Too many people text while driving. I'm not necessarily against it (though it's now illegal) so long as people can handle it, most people can't. Also, it is a sensitive issue, but pedestrians die by getting hit numerous times a year. Last year someone texting died downtown toronto as they crossed the street without looking as they were texting. I combined both problems into this video.

    I've prototyped out every (pretty well) situation where cellphones and camera's have invaded our social lives to the point it's annoying. This project was going to be a 4 video and 1 poster project but these videos took a lot more work to complete than I originally planned so now I only have to submit 2 videos and a poster.

    I'm shooting the poster image tomorrow, should be up on here in the next 3-4 days.

  4. Awesome job Jared – great idea for a project. All your media techniques look very professional; Video One had an especially strong impact!

  5. ahhhh wicked poster.
    perfect item to finish up a fantastic project.

    way to go. A+ (yes, that will appear on your transcript).

  6. Thanks Katie, I appreciate the kind words. I'm glad it had some kind of impact. I'm starting to realize design isn't just sharp type and pretty pictures (though I like that too), but trying to get some real-world results and reactions.

  7. Yeah, it's definitely a very prominent issue in our tech-driven society. So much that, like you said, it's questionable if we're really living our lives to their fullest extent because we're relying so much on these things. Overall, again, kudos on the great work and I'm that much more impressed 'cause they're technically well done but they also serve to drive home a very important concept. I like the new addition, too! You're super effective in getting the message across, I love it.

  8. All the footage was filmed by me so I didn't get it anywhere. I did use some green screening techniques that I learned from Video Copilot that helped a lot.

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