lower decew falls

lower decew falls

this is a shot paired with yesterdays. this is the same waterfall but as a panorama. it is a 66.8 megapixel shot (10963 x 6089 = 66,753,707 pixels) made of 25 shots with 8 second exposure each. it took awhile to complete (and even longer to assemble) but i’m happy i did it. i eventually plan on making it a 6 x 3 ft canvas or maybe crop to 4 x 4 ft square canvas.

3 thoughts on “lower decew falls”

  1. i love how soft it is! it makes me think of a wedding veil/back of a wedding gown

    (maybe i just have weddings on my mind… haha that wouldn't b ea shocker)

    ps; love the sharpness in the textures on the rocks!

  2. thanks chris! i appreciate that.

    thats interesting imagery you're bringing up kara, and i totally see where you're coming from. you're going to have to fill me in lots in september about the work you did this summer! thanks for looking guys

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