outside of brickworks

outside of brickworks

two days ago, my friend Kara and I went photographing around Brickworks and the Don Valley Parkway in toronto. It was getting dark and cold so we didn’t get a chance to venture inside the closed factories but maybe next time. A huge shout out to my friend Braeden Vanrooy for lending me his sigma 10-22, for which this shot was taken with. Check his site out.

2 thoughts on “outside of brickworks”

  1. It's…interesting. It takes a little getting used to. With my 50mm i was always used to backing up away from things. And with this, I have to practically walk up to the thing ha. But yeah, I really like it.
    It was about 530 or so by the time we got there and it was overcast and by the time we found it we were freezing. So we figured the light in there would not be so great and neither of us felt like running if we had too haha, that's why there's next time!

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