another shot from my film class. i made the mistake of purchasing slide film instead of normal negative film (c-41). basically slide film is meant to be processed to not come out as a negative, but ready for light to enlarge it in positive form. my teacher said it was a great mistake as i could cross-process the film – essentially develop the slide film in the same way negative film is developed. it has no colour base so the colours come out extremely saturated and a little off. i used some colour-filtration in the darkroom to turn the image completely green.

4 thoughts on “scissors”

  1. That's really cool! It's insane the unique things you can come up with by just playing with things in the dark room.

  2. Indeed! Colour photography provides so many options through colour filtration. Depending on the colour of light you use to expose the image, it'll affect the final print. This leads for tons of experimentation and great results, but also a lot of problems and fine tuning for the rest of the time.

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