the falls at louth, niagara

the falls at louth, niagara

tuesday night i went out with mike to louth to shoot. we’ve been there before but only in the winter. so much less water and easier access to the upper part of the falls than in winter conditions. this is a 78 image panoramic image that took over half an hour to complete shooting, and days to assemble due to the large file size. add in long computer loading times for even simple processes (levels, etc.) and i have an image that took actual days to capture/edit/process. i’ve been considering making this print on canvas as well, its the largest shot i’ve ever compiled coming in at 1GB in file size and 174.4 megapixels.

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  1. Thanks Christa and Kara for keeping up! I agree, they do look like icicles, there wasn't a lot of water running through there in the summer.

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