the north

the north

this past weekend i was blessed enough to be able to enjoy temagami for 3 days. it is a remote town in nothern ontario, about 5 hours north of toronto. i spent a few hours in this canoe over the 3 days, and many more over the 20 years i’ve been around it.

2 thoughts on “the north”

  1. sweet deal, my friend. the texture in the rope is really nice against the wooden grain and chipped paint. dirty, yet kind calming. perhaps because i know it's a boat, and i sort of think of it in open waters, with lapping waves against it, making them appear sort of grungy.

    but we know it's not an angrily abused sorta grunge.

    it's more like a well aged wine or cheese sort of effect.

    do i make sense?

    i do in my head sometimes.

    point being, i dig it. nice job =)

  2. you make a lot of sense. i tried to give this weather and time beaten canoe some of that “well-aged wine effect” haha. It's rustic but peaceful, what better combination?

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