would rousse be proud?

would rousse be proud?

yesterday i had to do a presentation of my research on a photographer. i chose george rousse. this guy is a master of tricking the eye, with awesome perspectives and creating shapes. I had to emulate his style in a photograph. so here it is. the shapes are done in photoshop while rousse would paint perspective shapes to get the same effect but in a much more genuine and cool way. honestly, his work is so sick…www.georgesrousse.com

4 thoughts on “would rousse be proud?”

  1. Ahh, Photo Experience with Sharpe. Good class. I got stuck with Sandy Skoglund, which in the end was really happy about.
    Anyways, looks good, although it is much easier to reproduce his stuff using Photoshop. Could you imagine doing his stuff for real?!

  2. I wanted Sandy as im a big fan. Marina got the pleasure of doing her though. Rousse was my second choice, who I now have begun to admire. I'd love to try his style of work in a small area, it seems like it'd be a really fun experience.

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